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AnyTime Organizer Premier

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AnyTime Organizer Premier is the perfect office scheduling tool, based on the #1 best-selling personal organizer for 10 years. This powerful network version allows multiple users in an organization to edit files at the same time, share calendars and schedules, manage contacts and projects, prioritize tasks, and more!

How to Purchase AnyTime Organizer Premier
Click one of the red "Buy" buttons on the left to purchase 3 or 5 users. Click "More Users" if you want to customize your order. Enter the number of users you need in the Quantity field with the following pricing structure.

Multi-User Network License Pricing

Pricing is for an electronic download. Physical delivery is an additional $10.


  • Share Calendars, Schedules and Tasks — Multiple users can edit files at the same time, share calendars, schedules, and more. Easily plan meetings, tasks, and events, and avoid scheduling conflicts.
    • Schedule appointments, meetings, and phone calls with a centralized database.
    • Coordinate meetings, events, and appointments, and avoid schedule conflicts.
    • Drag-and-drop events onto the Quick Calendar or easily reschedule to tomorrow.
    • Increase office productivity and communication.

  • Address Book — Add photos to your Address Book to associate a visual with each person.

  • Layouts — Choose from 2,500 layout design combinations including Calendar, To-Do list, Address Book layouts and more.
    • Or design your own layouts, change fonts, colors and sizes to create your own styles.
    • Easily create a PDF from any layout so you can e-mail your calendar and To-Do list to others.

  • Organize by Group and Filter — Any event, To-Do, or contact can be automatically added to a group by choice and then filtered to view one at a time.

  • Automated Alarms — Alarm reminders for important meetings, phone calls, and deadlines.
    • Send an e-mail or a text message to your phone when important events are about to occur-even when you are not at your computer.
    • Be reminded of birthdays and anniversaries a week in advance so you'll never forget.
    • Set audio reminders to your favorite MP3 music.
    • Adjust snooze settings to remind you minutes, days, or weeks in the future.

  • World Clocks — Check the time anywhere in the world and know when to communicate. Place up to twelve clocks on a desktop.

  • Mobile Sync — Seamlessly transfer and share information between AnyTime and mobile devices.
    • Synchronize appointments, tasks, and address book with most popular mobile devices.
    • Share your data seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and other desktop software.
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AnyTime Organizer Multi-User
Network License is Ideal for:

  • Small Offices
  • Law Firms
  • Accounting Firms
  • Service Contractors
  • Medical Offices
  • Non-Profit Organizations

Multi-User Network License
Unlike single-user consumer software, the Multi-User Network License is uniquely designed for use in an office setting where two or more people use the software. The software installs at one central PC or location, where an administrator can monitor the software. Up to 50 users can be on your network.

It is illegal to use a consumer product in a multi-user environment. excellent tool for small schedule meetings for busy people whose individual schedules are all over the place.
— PC User Group, Bits and Bytes

AnyTime Organizer

AnyTime is a colorful organizer that combines the familiarity of paper tools with the ease of computers.
— PC Laptop
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